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Our city breaks travelogues are extended travel stories about city trips in different countries. There are 22 travel reports about city breaks. These travel journals are illustrated with 564 photos. Each travelogue has a separate page with independent travel information.

Austria (1) Denmark (1) France (2) Germany (1)
Hungary (1) India (1) Italy (3) Netherlands (1)
Poland (1) Portugal (2) Spain (3) United Arab Emirates (2)
United Kingdom (2) United States (1)   


City trip Salzburg

Baroque buildings and a medieval fortress high up a hill

Travelogue City trip Salzburg with 20 photos
Salzburg has an exquisite city center dominated by baroque buildings and the fortress Hohensalzburg, high up a hill. The city center is on the Unesco World Heritage list. Mozart's town of birth on the banks of the Salzach river is (with its 150.000 inhabitants) not a big city, but has enough to offer for a few days' visit. 20 photos.
City break Salzburg travel information

Travel story & photos: Luk Carion


A weekend in Copenhagen

Beautiful Danish design everywhere

Travelogue A weekend in Copenhagen with 7 photos
The hotel rooms are designed by famous Danes, the Tivoli Park is a cultural amusement park, where you can design your own teddy bear. The art museums have collections of Danish and European art from all periods. And what's up with that mermaid in the harbor? Is she really waiting for her lover? Don't miss a visit to Nyhavn, a popular street with shops and restaurants, as well as a theatre and the department store Magasin du Nord. 7 photos.
A weekend in Copenhagen travel information

Travel story & photos: Aurélie Montfrond


City break Nice and Monaco

Majestic buildings in pastel colors on the Côte d'Azur

Travelogue City break Nice and Monaco with 21 photos
Fashionable Nice and the Côte d'Azur have been attracting tourists for two centuries already. The city, especially the Promenade des Anglais, has innumerable majestic buildings in pastel colors. But in the old city (Vieille Ville) you will also find narrow alleys and squares, like the Cours Saleya with its famous flower market. Nice is also France's carnival city. And at a short distance, there is Monaco to visit. 21 photos.
City trip Nice and Monaco travel information

Travel story & photos: Angélique Woudenberg

City trip Paris

Mostly 25-40 years-old singles lives in the city

Travelogue City trip Paris with 27 photos
Visiting Paris highlights: Les Tuileries, Dôme des Invalides, La Défense, Montmartre, Sacré Cœur, Place du Tertre, Place des Abbesses, Montparnasse, Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Quartier Latin. And the three triumphal arches that fit each other like Matroshkas: Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, Arc de Triomphe, La Grande Arche. 27 photos.
City break Paris travel information

Travel story & photos: Angélique Woudenberg


Tour of Bavaria & city break Munich

Churches, squares and, of course, beer houses and beer gardens

Travelogue Tour of Bavaria & city break Munich with 35 photos
The tour leads via Loreley and Mittelrheintal to Hallertau, the largest hop region in the world, of course in Bavaria. Bavaria has gorgeous old towns like Kelheim on the Danube and Ansbach. Munich has a beautiful Altstadt (historic city center) with churches and squares. The English garden and Nymphenburg castle with Baroque garden are huge. But the beer houses, like the Hofbräuhaus which is more like a beer city, are ridiculously big. 35 photos.
Vacation Bavaria & Munich travel information

Travel story & photos: Mariet Arts


City trip Budapest

Statue hopping in Buda and Pest

Travelogue City trip Budapest with 31 photos
On a trip to Budapest, it's time to revisit some old favorites and undertake an exploration of the city's many statues. City Park and the Széchenyi thermal baths are visited in Pest, the city centre, and across the Danube, in Buda, the Castle Hill which has its share of statues, Gellért Hill with the Citadella and back to Pest to visit the large market. 31 photos.
City break Budapest travel information

Travel story & photos: Michelle Spaul


Temples of Delhi

An Exploration of India's Religious Heritage

Travelogue Temples of Delhi with 37 photos
The cultural riches of India are reflected in the variety of temples that are visited in this story of a young man in search of his roots. Scattered all over Delhi, the itinerary offers the opportunity to also explore the neighborhoods around the temples. 37 photos.
City trip Delhi travel information

Travel story & photos: Gaurav Bhan


Rome & Roma extra muros

Pine trees and cypresses are a gorgeous backdrop

Travelogue Rome & Roma extra muros with 28 photos
Rome is an interesting city with many sights, but it is also worthwhile to explore the city outside its walls: you'll find interesting archeological sites there too, often in arcadic landscapes. In the Tivoli Hills and in Ostia Antica the Roman era comes alive, just like on the Via Appia. In Cerveteri, with its Etruscan tombs, you go even farther back in time. 28 photos.
Rome & surroundings travel information

Travel story & photos: Luk Carion

City trip Rome

A capital of culture

Travelogue City trip Rome with 25 photos
Rome is a city of culture: the Vittorio Emanuele memorial, the Trajanus markets and the Jewish ghetto, the Spanish Stairs, Circus Maximus, the Colosseum, the Forum Romanum and of course the Vatican. To relax, walk along the Tiber river or visit the park Villa Borghese. 25 photos.
City break Rome travel information

Travel story & photos: Johan Siegers

City Trip Rome & Florence

Squares with churches and fountains everywhere

Travelogue City Trip Rome & Florence with 35 photos
Of course there are remains from the Roman Era: the Colosseum, Forum Romanum and Palatine, but Baroque is the dominant style in Rome. Florence, which is easily reached by train from Rome, is a Renaissance city with many palaces. What both Italian cities have in common is the multitude of squares with churches and beautiful fountains. In Rome there are often obelisks as well. Both cities also have plenty of outdoor cafés. 35 photos.
City Trip Rome & Florence travel information

Travel story & photos: Angélique Woudenberg


City Trip Amsterdam

Canals, Clogs, Cheese, Tulips and Sex & Drugs

Travelogue City Trip Amsterdam with 22 photos
Only four days in hand and the whole of Amsterdam and its surroundings to explore. Coffee shops, the Red Light District, the amazing system of canals, art museums. There is much to see in this city. In its surroundings are also places worth visiting: the open air museum Zaanse Schans, the tulip gardens at Keukenhof and the miniature village of Madurodam, with small copies of famous places in The Netherlands. 22 photos.
City Trip Amsterdam travel information

Travel story & photos: Gaurav Bhan


City trip Kraków

A visit to the old city is a treat

Travelogue City trip Kraków with 25 photos
Countless medieval and Renaissance buildings dominate the old city of Kraków inside the old city walls. Around the central square with the Clothmakers Hall are churches and bars. The Wawel fortress, with its royal castle and cathedral, is the historical heart of Poland. In Kazimierz are synagogues and the old university. 25 photos.
City break Kraków travel information

Travel story: Sandra van Berlo. Photos: Michel van Berlo & Sandra van Berlo


City trip Évora and the stone age

Over 130 dolmens are scattered around this city alone

Travelogue City trip Évora and the stone age with 36 photos
Évora is a worthwhile destination just by itself: a Roman temple, an aquaduct, atmospheric streets with whitewashed houses and lots of landmarks. As an extra, in the surroundings of the city you can find many remains from the Stone Age. Around Telheiro and Monsaraz you can see menhirs, near Almendres a menhir and a cromlech. There are also dolmens around Zambujeiro and Sao-Brissos. 36 photos.
City trip Évora travel information

Travel story & photos: Kees van Tol

City Trip Lisbon

Lisbon is a city to look down on

Travelogue City Trip Lisbon with 19 photos
Lisbon is very much aware of its own beauty. In every high lying place you find a miradouro with a great view of the city. And there is much to see. Moreover, Lisbon has a lively nightlife with restaurants, cafés and extraordinary old coffeehouses. 19 photos.
City break Lisbon travel information

Travel story & photos: Piet de Geus


City trip Granada

Alhambra, Generalife and Albaicín

Travelogue City trip Granada with 14 photos
The Moorish palaces of the Alhambra and Generalife all by themselves are reason enough to spend a few days in Granada. But this city has more to offer, like the largest Moorish Quarter in Spain. It also is a lively university city with lots of squares with outdoor cafés. 14 photos.
City break Granada travel information

Travel story & photos: Piet de Geus

City trip Madrid

Streets, bars and outdoor cafés get crowded in the evening

Travelogue City trip Madrid with 22 photos
Madrid is an interesting city, with stately avenues, beautiful squares, pretty and impressive buildings, working class neighborhoods with winding streets full of traditional taverns and typical stores, indoor markets and of course the Prado. But Madrid only comes to life after the heat disappears late at night. Then the streets, outdoor cafés and bars get crowded. 22 photos.
City break Madrid travel information

Travel story & photos: Mariet Arts

City trip Valencia

From old city gates and churches to futuristic museums

Travelogue City trip Valencia with 41 photos
Valencia is a city bursting with highlights: from the churches, towers and city gates to the bullfight arena, indoor market and botanical garden. The weekly water courts still meet, after a thousand years of doing so. But Valencia also is a lively city with city beaches, an exciting nightlife and futuristic museums in the City of Art and Science. 41 photos.
City break Valencia travel information

Travel story & photos: Mariet Arts

United Arab Emirates

A weekend in Dubai

The largest hotels and real kindness

Travelogue A weekend in Dubai with 15 photos
A peek at the future development of Dubai's tourism facilities, including a visit to one of the artificial islands which are under construction off the coast of this Emirate. Besides impressive contemporary architecture, Dubai has an interesting history, which is brought alive in the museum in the 18th century Al Fahidi fort. A trip to the desert and the village of Hatta in the mountains should be part of every visit. 15 photos.
A weekend in Dubai travel information

Travel story & photos: Aurélie Montfrond

City Trip Dubai

Most, biggest, tallest; in Dubai only superlatives apply

Travelogue City Trip Dubai with 38 photos
The old city center still has lively souks and between luxury yachts float wooden boats, but pearl fishing, fishery and trade are mainly seen in the museum. Dubai builds with its petro dollars one after another luxury hotels, malls and office towers. Under the slogan 38 photos.
City Break Dubai travel information

Travel story & photos: Angélique Woudenberg

United Kingdom

City break London

A city walk along Regent's Canal

Travelogue City break London with 22 photos
A city walk along Regent's Canal, starting at Limehouse Basin in the Docklands via Victoria Park, Hackney, Islington and Camden Town to Little Venice. A 14 km long towpath takes you along bridges, locks, old gas plants and other industrial landmarks. London's former trade artery no longer carries the traditional narrowboats with cargo: nowadays it's tourists. But it still is an oasis of peace and quiet within the metropolis. 22 photos.
City trip London travel information

Travel story & photos: Kees van Tol

City trip London

Youngsters sit at Piccadilly Circus, watching people

Travelogue City trip London with 22 photos
Some highlights: Piccadilly Circus, Leicester and Trafalgar Square, the Brixton and Portobello Road markets, the London Dungeon, Madame Tussauds, Tower and Tower Bridge, Speakers Corner, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and shopping at Selfridge's, Liberty's, Harrods and in Carnaby Street. 22 photos.
City break London travel information

Travel story & photos: Angélique Woudenberg

United States

City break New York

Autumn in New York: many beautiful days and bright fall colors

Travelogue City break New York with 22 photos
Spring and fall are the best seasons to visit New York City, because then it's most obvious how green large parts of the city are. New York is not just a metropolis with high rises, it is also a city with space for walking or bicycling. In this travelogue we explore Riverside Park along the Hudson River, Central Park, the Upper West Side of Manhattan and a small part of Brooklyn. Exploring the city, you notice its diversity, if only because of the different kinds of food sold in supermarkets. 22 photos.
City trip New York travel information

Travel story & photos: Manja Ressler

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