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Usefull addresses

New York

Consulate General of Argentina
12 West 56th Street
New York, NY 10019
(Between 5th and 6th Avenues)
Tel : 212-603-0400
Fax : 212-541-7746
Web: Argentinian Consulate General


Argentine Embassy
27 Three Kings Yard
London, W1K 4DF
Tel.: 020 7318-1340
Fax: 020 7318-1349
Web: Argentine Embassy, Consular Services


Embassy of Argentina
6, rue Cimarosa
Tel.: 01-4405-2700
Fax: 01-4553-4633
Web: Embassy of Argentina

Travel schedule

Date Leg Distance Incline Average speed Details
3-11 Amsterdam-Buenos Aires        
4-11 Buenos Aires       Waterfront, Playo de Mayo, Cementerio
5-11 Buenos Aires-Zarate 99     Bicycling through the outskirts of Buenos Aires went fine. Garmin directed us sometimes to quiet roads, sometimes to through-roads. A short distance on a highway; some distance on an unpaved road in bad condition.
6-11 Zarate-Baradero 71 241 15,4 The shortest route goes over unpaved roads and through a swamp area, we didn't take it. In hindsight, knowing more about the roads, I would have done it. Only the last part of our route had unpaved roads. It was very doable.
7-11 Baradero- Ramallo 82 175 16,9 Short distance on highway; the rest on quiet secondary roads, mostly paved.
8-11 Ramallo-Rosario 101 252 18,5 Strong tailwind, lots of rain. Roads rather busy in the second half of the leg, with heavy industry.
9-11 Rosario        
10-11 Rosario-San Genaro 104 167 19,4 Long straight road. Initially (40-50 kilometers) lots of traffic; later on it got quieter.
11-11 San Genaro-El Trebol 68 139 18,5 Via Las Rosas. Relatively quiet road.
12-11 El Trebol-Las Varillas 118 336 19,3 Hotel in Alicia was closed; we kept bicycling to Las Varillas; quiet road.
13-11 Las Varillas-Villa del Rosario 94 126 18,3 Quiet roads.
14-11 Villa del Rosario-Cordoba 81 73 20,7 Route nice and quiet (Sunday).
15-11 Cordoba        
16-11 Cordoba-Ascochinga 61 666 16,8 First part along airport rather busy, second half quiet. Nice route.
17-11 Asco-Estaciansa Santa Catqalina-Jezus Maria-Ascochinga 57 404 15 Largest part unpaved, sandy and washboardy. A stunning area. Both locations are worth visiting (church, museum).
18-11 Ascochinga-Le Cumbre 40 1025 9.0 We start at 710 m: highest point 1,610 m; destination at 1,140 m.
First half hard climb, bad road. Beautiful surroundings; no other traffic.
19-11 Le Cumbre Icho Cruz 72 600 18,6 Destination at 740 m.
Good but busy road. Villa Carlos Paz: crowded. In Icho Cruz a nice river with beaches. Several accomodations, some closed.
20-11 Icho Cru-Alta Gracia 43 710 15 Destination at 614 m. Highest altitude: 1,191 m.; We crossed two hills. Incline 7-10% for a few kilometers.
Pretty route, good road, not overly busy.
21-11 Alta Gracia       Jesuite church/museum; Che Guevara museum. Relaxed town
22-11 Alta Gracia       We stayed one day longer because of the rain.
23-11 Alta Gracia Cordoba via Desperandero. 85 280 19,4 First part beautiful, quiet road; unpaved part is okay for bicycling. Second part not too busy and still beautiful.
24-11 Cordoba       Guided tour of church and university.
25-11 Cordoba       We missed the bus to Salta, so we spent another day in Cordoba. We left for Salta in the evening. Altitude Salta: 1,190 m.
26-11 Cordoba-Salta        
27-11 Salta        
28-11 Salta-Alemania 100 368 19,2 Altitude destination: 1,150 m, highest point route: 1,264 m. Nice, quiet route and rather level. The hotels on Google Earth and Mapear don't exist. At kilometer 100 there are cabanas and a restaurant.
29-11 Alemania-Cafayate 90 859 18,9 Altitude destination: 1,630 m, highest point: 1,636 m.
Wonderful route, quiet roads. No food or drinks available on the way. Cafayate is a pleasant and friendly town.
30-11 Cafayate- Amaicha del Valle 68 550 18,3 Altitude destination: 1,990 m = max. altitude.
Very quiet road; initially along vineyards, later 'desert'. There are several hotels in Amaicha.
01-12 AdV-Tafi del Valle 54 1150 12,1 Altitude destination 2,020 m; max. altitude 3,042 m.
0-10 km: 4,9 % stijging; 10-20: 2,9%; 20-30 km: 2%.
Sheer descent after 30 km to 50 km.
Beautiful route. Roads partly in very bad condition.
02-12 TdV-Conception 90 85 21,5 Altitude destination: 393 m;
0-45 km sheer descent. Road is reasonably good; parts are very bad. Beautiful route through tropical landscape along meandering stream.
03-12 Conception-Termas del Rio Hondo 115 nihil Unknown Via La Madrid; nice and quiet road; no food or drinks available, except a little past La Madrid at gas station.
04-12 TdRH-Santiago del Estero 85 +/- 200 Mb Bicycled RN 9. Not ideal. Alternative: unpaved road a little north of RN 9.
05-12 Santiago del Estero        
06-12 Bus to Buenos Aires        
07-12 Buenos Aires        
08-12 Buenos Aires        


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Safety and security

Traveling in some countries or regions can be dangerous. That isn't always a reason not to go there, but part of preparing well for a trip includes finding out about possible risks.

The CIA World Factbook: Argentina is a good place to look. Of course you always should consult your own country's Foreign Department web site.


Find current information on the web site of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Argentina. Always consult your family doctor and your country's Health Department web site.

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