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Usefull addresses


Embassy of the Republic of the Fiji Islands
2000 M Street, NW, Suite 710
Washington, DC 20036
Tel : 202-466-8320
Fax : 202-466-8325
Web: Fiji Embassy - Washington DC


Fiji High Commission
34 Hyde Park Gate
London, SW7 5DN
Tel.: 020-7584-3661


Embassy of Fiji
Square Plasky 92-94
Bruxelles 1030
Tel.: 02-736-9050
Fax: 02-736-1458
Web: Embassy of Fiji

General Information

The principal population centers are the main island of Viti Levu and the progressively smaller Vanua Levu, Taveuni, and Kadavu. The population is just under one million and includes both Fijians, the indigenous people who are Melanesian in origin, and Indians. The two groups are roughly equal in size.

Fiji has its own language and it is not difficult to learn a dozen phrases which come in handy in daily encounters. Tourism is a major industry but sugarcane, timber, fruit, and agricultural products such as taro, yams, and cassava also play significant roles in the economy.

Fijians are a proud people with a well-deserved reputation for being polite and friendly. Good manners are a point of honor for Fijians.


The tropical maritime climate varies considerably, not only from one season to the next but also from one island to the next -and, on the larger islands, even from one region to the next. Fiji lies south of the equator so our August arrival was in the midst of the "cool" season, meaning that sunshine temperatures varied between the mid seventies to low eighties Fahrenheit (24-28 degrees centigrade). When it rained, the temperature could drop into the sixties.


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Safety and security

Traveling in some countries or regions can be dangerous. That isn't always a reason not to go there, but part of preparing well for a trip includes finding out about possible risks.

A good place to find information is the web site of the CIA World Factbook Fiji. Always seek advice from your own country's foreign department as well.


For up-to-date information about health risks go to the site of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Fiji. Always consult your family doctor as well.

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