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'Bicyle vacation Peloponnesos'

Greek Embassies/Consulates in:

Address : 1a Holland Park, London W.11 3TP
Tel. : (004420) 72293850 - Fax : 72297221
E-mail : - Web Site :
Head of Mission : Anastase Skopelitis

New York
Address : 69, East 79th Street, New York 10021
Tel. : (001212) 9885500-11 - Fax : 7348492
E-mail : - Web Site :
Consul General : Aikaterini Mpoura

Address : 17,Rue Auguste Vacquerie, 75116 Paris
Tel. : (00331) 47237228 - Fax : 47237385
E-mail : - Web Site :
Head of Mission : Dimitrios Paraskevopoulos

Climate and Best Time to Travel

The best time to visit the Peloponnesos is April-May. All trees and plants are in bloom in this period and there aren't many tourists. Unfortunately, the tourists who do travel here in this period bring enormous campers which they park everywhere, except on camping sites. Temperatures in this season also allow for acitivities. The same goes for autumn, except that everything is dry and brown then.


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If you know in advance which places you're going to visit, you can find out online if and where there are ATM's where you can use your MasterCard and Cirrus or Visa to withdraw money.


Bikes can be brought on charter flights. Because of the limited space, it's wise to let the air carrier know you're bringing a bike.

The Peloponnesos is mountainous: mountain gears and good shape are advisable, good breaks a necessary condition.

Greek roads, even the new ones, have slits for irrigation hoses. Potholes and rocks on the road you'll find everywhere. Riding on smooth asphalt doesn't mean that it will be the same around the next bend. Pay attention, especially while descending.

It is a popular misunderstanding that a vacation bike has to have 32 mm tires. This is the standard advice in books about biking vacations, but keep in mind that those guides are written by people who bike sitting straight up and who load their bikes with pots and pans, tents, sleeping bags, etc.

But bicycle vacations are not only suited for campers. The only thing you need is a well maintained bike with lots of gears. But also here: don't overdo it. The combinations 42x28 and 39x26 aren't called "mountain gears" for nothing. 1 on 1 or even lighter is only necessary if you are carrying (too) much luggage or are in bad shape.

In my experience, the Peloponnesos is suitable for racing bikes with up to 15 kilos of luggage and 20 mm tires. I never had any problems, neither on the Peloponnesos nor in other "bad road" countries. It is advisable to keep your tires filled up with air. Kevlar or other anti-puncture tires are a good idea. Of course you can't bicycle on unpaved roads (like ATB or mountain bikes can).


Even if people speak some foreign language (which is often not the case) it is appreciated immensely if you at least greet them in Greek. At least bring a phrasebook and learn some polite expressions by heart.


Using the maps Peloponnes-Korinth (1:300,000), Freytag/Berndt and a detailed map of Greece, we had a reliable combination.

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