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'Varied Epiros'

Useful addresses

New York

Consulate General of Greece
69 East 79th Street
New York, NY 10021
Tel.: 212-988 5500
Fax: 212-734 84929
Web site: Consulate General of Greece in New York


Consulate General of Greece
1A Holland Park, Notting Hill
London W11 3TP
Tel.: 020-7221 6467
Fax: 020-7243 3202
Web site: Consulate General of Greece in London


Embassy of Greece
17, Rue Auguste-Vacquerie
75116 Paris
Tel.: 01-4723 7228
Fax: 01-4723 3357
E-mail: E-mail:

General information

Get a map which has the names of towns etc. both in Greek and in English, because in the inland signs do not always have the English.

When planning trips, take into account that on average one covers less than 50 km per hour. Keep to the right: the space in the middle of the road is used for overtaking.

When visiting monasteries, women should wear long skirts and cover their arms. Slacks are not accepted. They usually have wrap-around skirts one can borrow. Men should wear long trousers and their shoulders should be covered, so no tank tops.


Even if people speak some English (which they often don't outside the tourist resorts) it is highly appreciated if one at least greets in Greek. So, bring a phrase book and learn some polite phrases by heart. It will be worth the trouble.


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If you know in advance which places you're going to visit, you can find out online if and where there are ATM's where you can use your MasterCard and Cirrus or Visa to withdraw money.

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