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Walking on Thassos

Greek Embassies/Consulates in:

Address : 1a Holland Park, London W.11 3TP
Tel. : (004420) 72293850 - Fax : 72297221
E-mail : - Web Site :
Head of Mission : Anastase Skopelitis

New York
Address : 69, East 79th Street, New York 10021
Tel. : (001212) 9885500-11 - Fax : 7348492
E-mail : - Web Site :
Consul General : Aikaterini Mpoura

Address : 17,Rue Auguste Vacquerie, 75116 Paris
Tel. : (00331) 47237228 - Fax : 47237385
E-mail : - Web Site :
Head of Mission : Dimitrios Paraskevopoulos

Best time to travel

During the summer it is too hot on Thassos to do anything. It also is the busiest season. In spring it is still quiet and there are wild flowers everywhere. This is the best time for an active vacation. We were there for two weeks in the beginning of May. The temperature was perfect for hiking (long trousers and a cardigan necessary), but only the last few days the weather was suitable for spending time on the beach. The rest of the time we could be on the beach only between 12 and 3 PM at best.

In the fall the temperature is nice as well, but then you'll miss the beaustiful flowers. But the sea water will be nice and warm, as it has been warming up all summer.

Hiking vacation

Thassos turns out to be suitable for a relaxed hiking vacation. Nature is gorgeous. Because it is a small island, you don't need to worry about getting lost; you can always use the sea as a compass.

You can make day trips from every part of Thassos. Maybe you'll need a taxi every now and then, you can find them almost everywhere. Many places can also be reached by bus.


Compare car rent

If you know in advance which places you're going to visit, you can find out online if and where there are ATM's where you can use your MasterCard and Cirrus or Visa to withdraw money.


Even if people speak English (which isn't always the case outside the tourist centers) it is much appreciated when you at least greet people in Greek. So, bring a travel phrase book and learn some polite phrases by heart.


On the Greek isles you'll find lots of Bed & Breakfast places in private homes. The owners are often waiting at the ferry's docking place, sometimes with pictures of their rooms. Sometimes it's a good idea to accept their offers, sometimes it's better to find a place by yourself. Find out where the room is, sometimes it is far from the center of town.

Food and drink

In most tabérnas in Greece the food is good and cheap. There always is ample choice in meat or fish. The exception to the rule are the restaurants on the promenades: lots of tourists and overpriced low quality food. If you value good food over the view (or being among tourists), it is better to look in the side- and backstreets.

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