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Useful addresses

New York

Consulate General of Panama

1212 Avenue of the Americas, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10036
Tel.: (212) 840-2450
Fax :(212) 840-2469


Consulate General of Panama

Panama House
40 Hertford Street
London W1J 7SH
Tel.: + 44 (0) 20 7409 2255
Fax : + 44 (0) 20 7493 4499 (direct)


Ambassade de Panama

145 Avenue de Sufren, 75015 Paris
Tel.: (33 1) 4566 4244
Fax : (33 1) 4567 9943


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If you know in advance which places you're going to visit, you can find out online if and where there are ATM's where you can use your MasterCard and Cirrus or Visa to withdraw money.


Panama has a tropical climate with very little difference in temperature between summer and winter. At sea level the average temperature is 30 degrees Centigrade. There are regional differences in climate because of the mountain ridge that splits the country in two parts.

The rainy season is from April to December: in this period the humidity is around 80 percent. On the Caribbean or Atlantic coast there is more rain than on Pacific.

Safety and security

Traveling in some countries or regions brings risks with it. That should not always be a reason not to travel there. But part of a good preparation should be finding out what the risks are, if any.

You can find information on the CIA FactBook web site. The US Foreign Department has useful information as well.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site has current information about possible health risks in the region where you are traveling.

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