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'From Karesuando to Göteborg'

Useful addresses

New York

Consulate General of Sweden
One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza
885 Second Avenue, 45th floor
New York, NY 10017-2201
Phone: (212) 583-2550
Phone: (212) 583-2569
Fax: (212) 755-2732
Visiting hours: Monday-Tuesday, 9 am-12 pm
Wednesday, 2 pm-4 pm
Thursday-Friday, 9 am-12 pm


Embassy of Sweden
11 Montagu Place
London W1H 2AL
United Kingdom
Phone: 020-7917 6400
Fax: 020-7724 4174


Ambassade de Suède
17, rue Barbet-de-Jouy
75007 Paris
Tél: +33-(0)1 44 18 88 00
Fax: +33-(0)1 44 18 88 40
Web site: Ambassade de Suè en Paris

Climate and best time to travel

In Lapland, Summer lasts from mid-June to mid-September. The winter season is from February to mid-April

In water-rich Sweden mosquitos can be a problem. Pharmacies in Sweden carry excellent mosquito repellents, but also lots of stuff to use after you've been stung, like "After Bite" with 3.5 per cent ammonia


Compare car rent

In Sweden you'll find ATMs virtually everywhere.

If you know in advance which places you're going to visit, you can find out online if and where there are ATM's where you can use your MasterCard and Cirrus or Visa to withdraw money.

Plan your trip to Sweden online

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