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'Touring Tunisia'

Useful addresses


Embassy of Tunisia
1515 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20005
Tel.: 202-862 1850
Fax: 202-862 1858


Tunesian Embassy
29 Prince’s Gate
London SW7 1QG
Tel: 020 7584 8117
Fax: 020 7225 2884
Web Site: Tunisian Embassy London


Tunesian Embassy
25, rue Barbet de Jouy
Paris 75007
Tel.: 01-4555 9598
Fax: 01-4556 0264
Web site: Ambassade de la République Tunisienne en France

Climate and best time to travel

The best time to visit is in spring or autumn. In the summer it's way too hot. In the Sahara temperatures can rise to 50 degrees centigrade. I was there in March and found the temperature pleasant. Later, in May, it gets hot, especially in the Sahara - not to mention in the landcruisers. In the fall the temperature gets bearable again, but there is even less green.


Compare car rent

Tunesian dinars can't be imported or exported. It's possible to change money in the airport and in hotels. The rate is set by the government, so you pay the same amount everywhere. Life in Tunisia is cheap. Dinner in a restaurant will set you back only 6-8 dinars. The asking price for souvenirs is high, so negotiating is a must.

If you know in advance which places you're going to visit, you can find out online if and where there are ATM's where you can use your MasterCard and Cirrus or Visa to withdraw money.


Tunisia has a 220 Volt net. Bring a universal adaptor for the plugs of your appliances.


There are "Taxi-Phone" companies all over Tunisia, where you can make international phone calls. Tunisia also has a GSM network, which doesn't cover the whole country, though. In Douz it's possible to send e-mail.


Souvenir hawkers can be pushy. The population is very friendly. As soon as you are just a short distance away from tourist centers, people always greet you.


It's better not to drink tapwater. Bottled water is available everywhere.

For up to date information about health risks, go to the site of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Tunisia Always consult your family doctor as well.

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